Our relationships with our tenants speak for themselves...

Edgeworth Laskey Properties has been an excellent Partner with Vision Solutions over the past 7 years, and has been critical to our growth and success. They were able to get us into our office space quickly and efficiently, and worked with us closely to tailor our space to our needs. They made the process of relocating our company as painless as possible.

What's impressed me even more about ELP is the level of support and attention they have given us as tenants over the past 7 years. They have kept our building running smoothly, addressed potential issues proactively, and worked with us to handle our growth needs during this time. They have allowed us to focus on running our business, versus dealing with building issues. Their level of service and professionalism has been outstanding.

Rob Beeler

Vision Solutions

John Edgeworth and Tom Laskey epitomize professional property management.

I relocated my financial planning firm, securities business and insurance practice in 2002 to Allison Pointe Boulevard. Edgeworth Laskey Properties, LLC (ELP) was incredibly helpful all the way from the big picture office design to literally every finished detail.

The occasional routine maintenance issues were always handled promptly and completely. The entire ELP staff has great people skills and impressive customer service skills second to none!

James R. Holt


MetLife has leased property from Edgeworth-Laskey Properties for more than three years prior to the sale of this building. The true test for a leased property tenant is the frequency and scope of issues that arise. The responsiveness of Edgeworth-Laskey to the very few issues was prompt and courteous with resolution immediate in every case. I found dealing with the entire staff to be a pleasure. Our space was constantly and consistently maintained in a quality manner. Please accept my recommendation of Edgeworth-Laskey Properties without any reservation. I am certain that upon further review you will find, as I have, that Edgeworth Laskey Properties is deserving of your consideration.

Harry W. Riley, III


In my five and a half years with Raymond James, I have never had a branch relocation run as well as Fishers. Thank you all for your effort on this project. I truly appreciate your hard work and dedication!

Karly Howell

Facilities Project Manager

We’ve been tenants of Edgeworth-Laskey since mid-year 2011. From the very beginning we experienced a smooth transition from the initial build-out in early 2011 to our timely move-in during May 2011. They’ve been responsive when necessary to our business needs and have overall provided great customer experience for our operation. I would definitely recommend them for other tenant’s needs.

Dave Thue


It is not uncommon for the construction phase of a project to be stressful and frustrating but it was not the case working with owners of Edgeworth-Laskey Properties, Tom Laskey and John Edgeworth. They were very responsive and able to make quick decisions during our tenant construction. When we had changes we wanted to make during construction, they provided quick feedback so that we were able to make our decisions on a timely basis and stay on schedule. The construction phase was exciting and fun and was an excellent experience.

Additionally since we have moved into our new space, Tom and John have been equally responsive and professional during our tenancy. As always when moving into new space there are things that come up that are not anticipated, but any issues that did arise were handled quickly. Again, as local owners they are able to give us quick service and make decisions so issues get resolved and don’t linger!

The overall experience has been very positive and we are very happy with our relationship with Edgeworth-Laskey Properties. The customer service Tom, John and their team has provided is excellent and anticipate that this relationship will continue to be positive throughout the term of agreement.

Michael T. Dull

Director of Finance

Phil Paligraf

Regional VP Sales

Mike Sutfin

Sr. Facilities Manager

I’m writing to try and give an appreciation of what it’s like to be a tenant at an Edgeworth‐Laskey property.

I can say that our building is in a different league than most other Class A properties. To us, there seems to be an attention to detail and a hands‐on approach by the ownership here that is sorely lacking in other spaces we’ve leased or our clients have leased. There are so many little things that I’ve noticed being done well here that were missing in other buildings we’ve worked in. The design, finish and landscaping is top notch and we, as well as our customers, notice.

The management of the property is great too. Tom and John are readily available and Denise and Jennifer have become extensions of our family. They are a pleasure to deal with and are very down to earth. In previous leasing experiences, we’ve had to deal with out of state ownership and rely on an outsourced management company to answer any of our concerns. It’s much different here. The guys that own the building are a phone call away and you can tell that they care about the upkeep and condition of the place as if it were there own home. I think that rubs off on the other tenants and the whole building oozes of class and cleanliness.

As far as our experience with the design and build‐out of our space, that was top notch also. Tom and John have a great relationship with some of the best designers in town. I’ve had multiple conversations with people around town who’ve seen our office and asked who designed it. We had never moved into a cleanly built out space until coming here and didn’t really know what to expect. The designer worked with what we thought was a good layout and really took it to another level. Everything from closet size and maximizing natural light to finish selection was covered in great detail. They were also very flexible. If there was something we wanted to throw in extra, they were happy to quote us a few different options and that can be very liberating when you’re anxious about what to choose.

Tom and John gave us realistic estimates of timelines of when things would be complete. We’ve actually had a second build‐out since our initial move-in (we expanded into more space.) The construction crew was outstanding. I really can’t say how much of a blessing it has been for our company to become a tenant of Tom and John in this fine building. We’ve attracted several new employees who view this building as a great place to work and have many visitors who jealously gush at how great of an office we have. I doubt it’s a complete coincidence that in the 2 years we’ve been here, our company has been recognized on “The Best Places to Work in Indiana” list, coming in at #1 last year and #2 this year.

I’m happy to speak further about our experience with E&L should you have any questions or concerns.

Don Taggart

E-gineering, LLC

I wanted to take the opportunity to both congratulate Edgeworth-Laskey Properties (ELP) on successfully filling the One Concourse building, and to thank you, Tom, and your team for your continued support and commitment to your customers. USA Funds has been impressed with the attention to detail and the quality of the building, and with your flexibility as we went through the building construction phase and then the build-out of our original and subsequent spaces. We know we threw you a curveball when we informed you late in the construction process that we needed our space completed a month earlier than originally agreed, and ELP and Pepper Construction came through with flying colors so as to allow us to move in right on schedule.

We also want to say a big “thank you” to Jennifer and Denise. We really appreciate their responsiveness to inquiries and service needs that we have raised from time to time. They are always quick to respond and to resolve any concerns or issues.

Again, congratulations on your success, and we look forward to our ongoing relationship with ELP.

Gregory A. Ayers

USA Funds

IFranklin University has had a wonderful experience leasing space from Edgeworth-Laskey Properties, LLC over the last three years. Tom, John and their staff, have been exceptional partners and continue to provide excellent service day in and day out. In every instance, be it the initial space planning, build out of our space, to the day-to-day management, I’ve always found their organization to be easy to work with and extremely professional.

Patrick A. Bennett, MBA, PMP

Executive Director, Planning & University Services